How can I help?

I know what it takes to plan the perfect vacation. Most of my clients only get to travel once or twice a year, so when they hire me to plan their vacations, I take their requests very seriously. Choose from my selection of amazing travel opportunities I can book for you and leave the rest of the details to me.



Family Vacations are obviously a specialty of Planes Trains and Babies. It takes strategic planning to ensure your trip will feel like a vacation. I can help plan family focused, age appropriate itineraries from route planning to hotels, scheduled tours and classes to recommended activities.


Traveling with your significant other can be an amazing bonding experience, but if not planned correctly can also be stressful. I can help balance a trip that both partners will enjoy so you can focus your time on enjoying a new location and each other.


Would you like your next vacation to be full of fun and adventure? Whether with your friends or family, spend more time on the snow when I plan your next ski trip


Create some fabulous memories with your favorite people. Planning a trip trying to please a large group is challenging, but with my help all you will need to worry about is whether you start the day with a mimosa or Bloody Mary!


Cruises seem like they should be pretty straightforward to book, but all of the options can be overwhelming. Let me help you filter through the information overload, choose the right route and shore excursions, and try to get you VIP treatment while onboard.


Did you know travel advisors can book almost any hotel for you? Not only will I work to ensure you get the best rate available for your trip, but I will make sure you are in the right style accommodations for what you are looking for and work with the hotels to ensure your experience is special. I also can recommend additional hotels in the area you are searching if needed.


Do you want to know what the best cooking class in Italy is? Do you want to explore the Catacombs in Paris at night? Or are you interested in a tour that will give you more of a local insight to an area? I can source and book bespoke activities for your trip that will make your travel memorable.


Semi-custom packaged trips focused on holiday cheer in November and December

I’ll help you find the best fit for your next vacation — from flights and accommodation to travel tips and local recommendations.

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